Tori Lane Kovarik

Tori Lane Kovarik (also known as T.Lane) is a poet, speaker, artist, and educator.  Tori was honored to serve as the Poet Laureate of Alexandria City in northern Virginia from April 2013 to April 2016.

Tori’s work is known to have a fairly dark sensibility, routinely addressing issues of spiritual crisis, sexual trauma, depression, and self-injury.  In writing about these tough issues, Tori aims to shed light on things often clothed in silence, grappling with them in a way of seeking healing and hope.

This theme of giving voice expands beyond Tori’s writing and visual art and into her work in the community and the church.  She works with victims of sexual trauma, connecting them to resources and support systems, and speaks publicly about her own experience with sexual trauma and the struggle to find healing.  Tori also provides training and resources to churches so they are better equipped to support trauma victims in their midst.

Tori’s visual art is largely mixed media, including ink, charcoal, pastel, collage, and spray paint.  Her work varies from the darkly abstract to whimsically representative.

Tori currently lives in Barre, Vermont with her husband, daughter, dogs, and pet rats.